About Us

EuroCarS Rental SAN.LTD.ŞTI. Was established in 2010 by adopting quality service, customer satisfaction and honest working principles. Short and long term car rental services as well as domestic and international travel organization services such as ticket sales, hotel reservation for all airlines, visa transactions, and 24/7 uninterrupted service.

EuroCarS Rental Tourism has offices in Şanlıurfa Merkez, Harran, Halfeti, Atatürk Dam, Siverek, Birecik.

With its professional staff, EuroCarS Rental Tourism continues its market share and sector leadership in the Southeast region.

EuroCarS Rental offers a wide range of products in various brands and models ranging from tourism, taxi vehicles to senior executive vehicles, and rents passenger vehicles from every class.

EuroCarS Rental is the only company in the region that has the Sanliurfa Rent A Car document and is a tourism and travel agency of the Tabiia Group under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism.